Stop apps from running in the background on Android

Stop apps from running in the background on Android

Stop apps from running in the background on Android

 Apps from running in the background

Android devices have become reasonably powerful as days go by. They’ve been made with strength for multitasking which makes it possible for them run different Apps at the same time.

While the RAM plays a role with how the device handles multitasking, someone must might not want to multitask his device despite having a good RAM. Why? Battery! Why? Speed!

In this article, we’ll consider how to stop apps from running in the background on Android devices with Controlling your background processes. So, let’s get to how it’s done.

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Controlling your background process

Just Incase you’re not really ok with the results of disabling the Apps that are listed within the battery stats menu on your phone, you can try out steps which are slightly advanced. The best way to have control of what runs and not is to dig around in the hood using the monitoring tools which come with Android.

You need to enable your developer options before you start in some cases.

In many versions of Android devices, you’ll have to Go: Settings > About phone & then tap on ‘Build number’ about seven. Then get a notification which tells you that Developer options have been unlocked.

For some devices, the next thing you need is to look for a setting called ‘Processes’, it can also be Process Stats, or Running services. This can be found in Settings > System > Advanced > Developer options > Running services. This option lands with you in a list of running processes displaying how much RAM is used by each.

While it’ll be tempting to end the most RAM-hungry apps from running, keep in mind that the journey to stop Apps from running in the background is not to stop Apps which might crash your phone. Be careful.

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