Top 3 eBook publishing platforms (Publish with gain)

Top 3 eBook publishing platforms (Publish with gain)

Have you worked on your ebook and has finally reached the stage of publication? Congratulations to you, you’re about to become an official published author if it’s your first time. We are here for you, if you want to know the best places to send your book out there. This article focuses on Top 3 eBook publishing platforms.

The sale of ebooks has been on the rise for a very long while, and that has also increased the number publishing platforms available online. There are alot of choices to make by an author. However, it is important to choose wisely.

How much can you earn from ebooks?

Well, this is very interesting, while it can be totally free to create an ebook, the end result is cash. How much cash are we talking about here? When it comes to ebooks, you determine the price, the amount your book sells for totally your choice. However, it’s advisable to be wise while setting the price, make sure it’s worth it.

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Top 3 eBook publishing platforms

We provide you the best among all, the most popular and most used. These are not included here because of their popularity but because of how well they function. Below are the Top 3 ebook publishing platforms;


Cost: Free
Royalties: 60% from retailer, 80% from Smashwords Store

Yes! We are talking about the best and here comes Smashwords.
How amazing is Smashwords? It is just so lovely how They offer you a free ISBN if you want. Your daily sales are also reported to you with ease.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

Top 3 eBook publishing platforms (Publish with gain)

Cost: Free
Royalties: Up to 70%

It is no doubt, Amazon Kindle is one of the most popular publishing platforms in the world. A bunch of the most popular ebooks are seen and bought from Amazon.
You will definitely want to try this out. One notable thing about Amazon Kindle is; text documents and EPUB files are all accepted, but converts them into a Kindle book for sale only on Amazon.

Apple iBooks Author

Cost: Free (Mac only)
Royalties: 70%

While this is an awesome one out of the ebook publishing platforms, it is only available for Mac, Windows users, Android and others will find it impossible to use Apple iBooks Author. This platform accepts an iBook, a PDF, or a rudimentary text file and not an EPUB as in the case of Amazon.

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