Top Tech Tools for Every Freelancer and Small Business Owner

Top Tech Tools for Every Freelancer and Small Business Owner

The word “invest” gives many freelancers and small business owners pause. After all, it means an upfront cost and, despite the long-term benefits the investment might bring, cash flow is a sensitive thing. But when it comes to investing in tech tools that can boost productivity, improve financial management, and expand your customer reach, it doesn’t take long to see results.


Besides, spending a few bucks per month for the right software can go a long way! Bensotech has listed some crucial tech tools for taking your career or business to the next level:


Boost Productivity

Productivity is essential for developing your career or business. The right tools can help you save significant money instantly.


  • Communication apps help you stay connected with your team members and clients from wherever you are.
  • Automation software handles the menial tasks, streamlining your operations and workflows.
  • Project management apps keep all your tasks and projects in one place and help your team hit deadlines and goals.
  • Time tracking tools do precisely what they sound like: make sure everyone stays on task and is productive!


Tighten Financial Management

Keeping your financials straight is a must if you hope to build a flourishing business.


  • Cloud computing allows you to store documents in a secure, easy-to-access
  • Accounting software makes bookkeeping and tax filing easier and more efficient.
  • Using a free invoice template will allow you to customize invoices with your branding to send promptly to clients after a sale.


Grow Your Customer Base

If you’re looking to get more customers (and who isn’t?), consider these free and affordable tools:


  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems will monitor and analyze customer behavior and interactions, and then provide suggestions for improving the relationships.
  • Online payment options will give your customers more ways to pay.
  • Customer service AI will automate many of your customer interactions to free up your time for other tasks.
  • A website builder can help you maintain a professional site that serves as your marketing hub.
  • SEO tools can help you create content that draws more traffic to your site and other online platforms.


There are a plethora of tech tools that can help you achieve more in your freelance career or business. Consider the ideas above as you research the web for the best productivity, financial, and customer relationship tools. And remember that you’ll be saving much more money than you’re spending!


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