Twitter Finally Add DM Search To Android App

Twitter introduced the DM search bar to iOS users two years ago. Twitter has released an updated version of its DM search tools for Android. This feature allows Twitter users on Android to search for DMs by the name of the users or groups they belong to. The ability to filter messages in order to find what you’re looking for.

The DMs(DIRECT MESSAGES)search bar has arrived on Android, according to a tweet from @Twittersupport late on Thursday.

“We’ve brought the DMs search bar to Android and are releasing an improved version that allows you to search for all of your previous conversations, not just the most recent ones.

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re you looking forward to the ability to search your DMs for message content? We hope to have it out later this year!”

Twitter was expected to add a search option that would allow users to search for specific words or content that they had shared in direct messages. This feature, which will allow users to search for specific words or contents, is expected to be available later this year. The large social media platform is also working on allowing users to search message content rather than just the sender.

The feature will significantly increase the utility of the DMs search bar in surfacing older messages or conversations, as well as actual words typed in those conversations at times. It’s also surprising that Twitter waited so long to add a DM search bar to the Android app. Twitter is working on improving it, but Twitter doesn’t do much about inboxes. So, if you have a lot of DMs to open, Twitter will show you all of them, not just the most recent ones.

Twitter began testing voice DMs up to 140 seconds long earlier this year in India. This feature allows you to send voice messages in Twitter Direct Messages. Voice messages in DMs, according to the social platform, will make it easier for people or users to have conversations. Twitter has yet to announce a plan to finally add DM search to the Android app.

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