What is the best Payment method on Jumia?

What is the best Payment method on Jumia?

With Jumia making it possible for you to pay in different ways, for your shopping. Customers tend to wonder which among the available, is the best Payment method on Jumia. Read on to know more about Jumia payment methods.


This is one of the best online shopping platforms in Nigeria. It’s large and targeted at covering the whole of Africa. Jumia enables the shipment and delivery of packages from sellers to consumers, a possibility which has made many customers smile for a long while. Being one of the most recognized, Jumia is known for a very wet rivalry with Konga.

It was actually found in 2012 and has it’s Headquarters in Berlin, Germany.

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best Payment method on Jumia

There are currently 3 methods of making payments on the shopping platform. Before taking a look at them, it will be important to note that Jumia is confirmed to be a trustworthy shopping mall. The fraud rate on Jumia is extremely low and for this, shopping is done with no worries.

All three payment methods are nice and safe, it’s just your choice to make, whichever method suits you most becomes your best payment method on Jumia.

These methods include;

Jumia Pay

What is the best Payment method on Jumia?

This is a safe and secured method of paying for your ordered goods. It uses your bank cards which might be the Mastercard, Visa, Verve card or even an online bank transfer. Using this method, you’ll just have to take a deep breath, sit back home and wait for your product to reach your doorstep. Any unplanned happening with the transaction, calls for full refunding of your money. Keeping your mobile close by is advisable while using this method, an OTP is required to continue payment.

Pay on Delivery

For many, this is the safest and best payment method on Jumia, since it allows you to see your ordered product. The fear of being dummied makes alot of people avoid online payment.

You can pay using JumiaPay delivery, cash or Jumia’s local Mastercard, VISA or Verve card to pay on their POS machine at delivery. It is important to note that Jumia only accepts Nigerian Naira.

Voucher Code

Yes, this is simple. While about to choose the payment method after selecting a product, click on Voucher or gift cards then, Enter your valid voucher code at checkout. There you go.

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