What to do if you mistakenly spill water on your Laptop

Yes, we often make mistakes, terrible mistakes which might include spilling water on your Laptop. Again ‘Yes’, We can’t fake a friendship between water and Laptops. Technology and water make poor bedfellows (Martyn Casserly). However, there’s still a way to follow if you mistakenly spill water on your Laptop.

This article will give you every possible information which will guide you through the recovery process of your laptop if you happen to mistakenly spill water on it. You might want to continue reading.

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Here’s what to do if your laptop gets in touch with water

So you mistakenly gave your PC a cup of water ney? A cup of juice maybe. The first thing you need to do is “Don’t Panic”. Yeah we know the Laptop is important to you, maybe it was a gift from someone special but being calm is very important and is the very first step in saving your dehydrated PC, (Did someone say dehydrated? Wow!).

Turn the Laptop “Off”

I must say you’re very lucky if you had to follow this step. A laptop should go “Off” by itself if it gets in contact with water, still being “On” and allowing you to power it ‘Off’ yourself is a good sign. Unplug it from the socket if its connected and remove the battery if it’s removable. All these must be done quickly, you will not love the result if this water meets the circuits when they’re still functional.

Clean and dry the Laptop

The second step is to use a dry towel (A soft one), clean your precious device carefully and dry it in the open. You will still want to leave the device for a long while even after the drops of water seize.

Use dehumidifier or a bag of rice

With the absence of a dehumidifier which is important at this moment, you can place your laptop in a bag of rice for a while. The rice will help in drawing out the moisture and absorbing it, making it safer for power “on” trial.

Use a Hair dryer

This is a very effective step to take of your PC contacts water, you can use a Hair dryer for as long as you can to dry out the water hiding in some areas of the laptop. Good thing is; Air is not a problem to a PC, just make sure the temperature is maintained (Not too hot) take your time with this.

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