What’s new in Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects

Known to be a program of high demand, many users wish to know What’s new in Adobe After Effects. The use of magic on screen comes again in form of the latest release of Adobe After Effects, and it is well received as well as it’s new features.

Just like always, the improvements are very noticeable. Not just that, they are very helpful for the improvement of the Video editing software.

Without wasting much time on the side talks, let’s get straight to What’s new in Adobe After Effects.

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What’s new in Adobe After Effects

The following are some of the new available features in Adobe’s latest version of After Effects:

Media Replacement in Motion Graphics templates and Essential Properties

This feature works when Creating Motion Graphics templates which have media files that are replaceable. This could be images and videos. You can use them in Adobe Premiere Pro as well, to create complex graphics as well as animations with parameters which are customizable and media that is swappable.

Real-Time 3D Draft Preview

Real Time 3D Preview Adobe After Effects

Editors who deal with Motion designing can make creative decisions alot more faster while working in 3D scenes. This new and lovely real-time 3D rendering engine brings with it instant feedback on designs in the Composition panel so editors can explore ideas alot more easier and iterate more quickly on design.

3D Ground Plane

3D Ground Plane Adobe After Effects

What’s new in Adobe After Effects? The 3D Ground Plane is one of them.
This new Ground Plane enables you to orient your designs in space. It provides a horizon line as well as a vanishing point. An editor can toggle a grid on and off for accurate orientation & can use snapping to align objects in space or in relation to each other.

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