When a Ps5 gamepad almost costs a ps3 console

Playstation 5 gamepad

How crazy could this sound to anyone out there? The PlayStation 5 gamepad almost costs the PlayStation 3 (ps3) game console as a whole. What the f**** is this? Is the game world really taking things too far?

Well, you might be a game lover who is so happy about the introduction of the Sony PlayStation 5 console, we were all happy about the PS4, we still are, but the pad? Oh my world.

Now what’s the big difference? (Playstation 5 gamepad and PS3 console)

Playstation 5 gamepad

Different prices on Jumia which is the Number one Shopping mall in Nigeria, show that PS3 can be bought in the country within the following ranges; N70,000, N60,000, N72,000, N65,000 e.t.c. prices on the same shopping site show that a playstation 5 gamepad can be bought within the following ranges; N50,000, N45,000, N55,000 e.t.c.

Many opinions have erupted that PlayStation 5 is no way meant for a normal indivdual, rich and well to do men and women are expected to purchase the new classic game console for their children while the other use the money meant for a ps5 pad to get their complete PS3 console.

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A dual Shock ps3 controller costs around N4,500, same accessory for PlayStation 4 costs around N8,500 and now for ps5, shouldn’t it be around N13,000? Or maybe N17,500? For God’s sake what’s it for the “Big Bang” rise in price? All the way to N55,000!

Playstation 4 gamepad

Oh wow! Maybe the price for the PlayStation 6 (which will possible be introduced after not less than 8 years) will be 1.2 Million Naira against the N560,000 or N600,000 of ps5. While the gamepad will cost N170,000 against the N50,000 or N55,000 of ps5.

The PlayStation 5 console remains Sony’s best game console so far, it’s amazing features are very noticeable as they are very enchanting. Design is Awesome and gameplay is heavenly. However, the price of this precious Console and it’s accessories remains a problem to a large population. Many gamers have stick to their PS4 with no aim purchasing the new darling as far as there is no change in price.

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