Why is my downloaded game not working on PPSSPP?

Answering the question about ‘my downloaded game not working on PPSSPP’

Why is my downloaded game not working on PPSSPP? This is one of the most asked questions by the PPSSPP users in recent times.

There are many times, when you spend a whole lot of time downloading a very large PPSSPP game, then BOOM! The game fails fails to work.

The PPSSPP Application is an Emulator of the Portable game console PlayStation Portable (PSP) made by SONY. The Application’s popularity is boosted more by the Android users, it is however, available on PC as well.

PPSSPP environment with different games (why is my downloaded game not working on PPSSPP?)

Now, have you ever wondered why your downloaded game failed to work? Sorry, question is very unnecessary because that’s actually why you’re here. Have you ever downloaded a PPSSPP game, opened your PPSSPP App on Android then saw “RAR” instead of an icon of the game?

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Have you ever downloaded a game only for it not to open despite seeing the icon displayed? Yeah it pains and this article will help you understand exactly why these happens. Read on.

There are a bunch of reasons why your game failed to work, we will consider two of the most common ones, these two reasons are almost always the case and knowing about them solves 96% of your problematic experiences with the PPSSPP App.

The first reason is ‘Extraction’. After downloading a PPSSPP game, it mostly comes as a raw file and such cannot be recognized by PPSSPP as a game. That’s why you try opening but rather sees the file having an icon of “RAR”. What you need to do is simply extract the file to ISO, the PPSSPP App recognizes only ISO files.

Extracting a PPSSPP game (why is my downloaded game not working on PPSSPP?)

Extraction can be done with different Apps but ZAchiver is highly recommended in this case as it has been used by many and reported positively. After extraction, the size of the file normally becomes bigger as it turns into an ISO File.

Websites like Freeroms.com and Emuparadise.com all have files which are not ISO, in case you wish to skip the process of Extracting your game, you might want to visit PsVitaISO.COM

The second reason for a failed game is usually as a result of problem during a download. This happens in many cases, it is important to make sure that your internet connection is strong and stable. Weak and poor internet connection can lead to your file encountering download issues there by, resulting to your game failing to work despite a complete download.

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