Why wont my phone install unknown Apps?

Many times an installation process fails, after downloading a game or application which might have possibly cost alot of Megabytes. In this article, you will know why your phone fails to install unknown Apps.

After the unsuccessful installation process, Instead of going on with the frustration which happens to be the case sometimes, we will teach you how to install these Apps.

Why wont my phone install unknown Apps?

Yes, It happens time after time, but knowing why this happens is truly important. Have you noticed that your device fails to install an App only when you download from a site or store odder than the Google playstore?

The Google playstore is meant specifically for Android devices, the Apps and games available are virus-free and original, so, all Android Devices are set to install Apps from the playstore, not any other site. So, your App which was downloaded from an unknown source is likely to fail during installation.

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how to install unknown Apps.

If you are sure of the site you downloaded your App or game from, and you think no harm will come to your device if you install it, good, here are the steps to follow in installing unknown Apps.

Your phone settings holds the key to this, you have to temper with your device’s control panel. You open your settings, most devices have the settings from the drop down menu (Swipe your screen down).

Select “Apps and notifications”, when a new section opens, you’ll want to click on “Special App Access”. Go on to click on “Unknown Apps” then select all your installed Apps which you want to give them permission to install unknown Apps. And that’s it, any unknown Application you download from the selected Apps can be installed.

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