WordPress internal links, How important are they?

Internal links are known by many and used by much content creators as well, but the use of these links is absent in many works for possibly two reasons; Either the content creator is ignorant of that feature, or is ignorant of the importance of such feature. That’s why, in this article, we will be discussing about WordPress internal links and their importance.

You’ve visited sites were you click on a word then it takes you to a whole different article ney? They add a link to such a word, that’s how it happens. Now this could be internal or external links. Have you ever wondered how it’s done? If you’ve ever wondered about the importance of WordPress internal links, this is the right article for you, Keep reading.

What is WordPress?

This question might appear to be totally irrelevant to whole bunch of people. However, a reasonable number of internet users will appreciate an answer to this question and that is exactly what we’re going to do.

WordPress is a content management system used by many websites around the word. Many websites use WordPress to manage the content on their websites, this includes making posts (writing articles) on their sites, editing the already written posts, deleting a post from your site or bringing it back. The use of WordPress have only increased since it’s release in May, 2003.

WordPress offers different themes for websites of different kinds, these helps in giving your site a remarkable look which can be considered to be more professional. Plugins are also made available to make the creation of content possible and admirable.

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While the first importance of this feature is considered to be the most important, the rest are also a must to consider.

Internal links boost your SEO rankings.
The use of internal links in your work will definitely earn you a better score for your SEO. The Rank Math shows your score i.e 89, while Yoast SEO shows a green smiley face for a good ranking and a red dissatisfied face for a bad ranking

Another good Effect of internal links. They lead readers to other works published on your website/blog. Any internal links which gains an audience’s attention automatically earns you a new view on the linked work. It is therefore, very important to try using the internal links in every work on your site.

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