Xbox Series X: The Ultimate of all in the Xbox family

It is no doubt, it is no surprise, the Xbox Series X is the most powerful Xbox ever made. This game Console has been made in every possible way to make your gaming experience a memorable one.

Are you yet to know what the new Xbox series looks like? Are you dieing to know it’s capabilities? Oh yeah, you want to know if it’s better than Sony’s PlayStation 5. There’s no way you won’t want to know that. Well, you’re in the right article if you wish to know any of these including the price of this lovable console.

This article covers the information about Xbox series X, it covers the feature, price and description of the console. At the end of the article, you should be informed about all the mentioned areas. You should also know areas to look at when comparing this Xbox Monster to the PlayStation beast.

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How good is Xbox Series X?

Like earlier said the Series X is the best ever made and this makes it’s rivalry with Sony PlayStation renewed. Both consoles were lunched in the same year and lovers of both debated about which is actually the best with different reasons.

At the heart of this new gaming is the Xbox Velocity architecture, which pairs a custom SSD with integrated software for faster, streamlined gameplay with significantly reduced load times. Imagine playing games with no waste of time while loading, awesome right? That is exactly what the Xbox series X offers gamers.

4K gaming has been made available at up to 120 frames per second, advanced 3D spatial sound, and more which could be experienced while playing with the console. Wireless Gamepad is awesome with smooth and friendly keys, helping to make the gaming experience lovely.

Go get your Microsoft Xbox Series X today which is valued around N380,000 at the number one shopping mall in Nigeria, Jumia.

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