Xiaomi Mi 11 review. How awesome is it?

Xiaomi Mi 11 review. How awesome is it?

The introduction of new devices by different phone companies, have attracted much attention by users all over the world, and this includes Xiaomi Mi 11 as well. This article will focus on Xiaomi Mi 11 review, let’s see how awesome the device is set to make us feel.

As earlier said, many mobile companies have sent products into the market already, and this makes Xiaomi Mi 11 a perfect competitor, of the likes of S21 and iPhone 12.

Xiaomi Mi 11 review the Awesomeness of a new device

Well, just as many expected, time was taken carefully to make this device and that can be seen from, the very looks to the way it functions.

It is lovely to confirm that, the device is attributed with Fast performance. For those who can’t do without taking pictures, you’re super good to go as the Xiaomi Mi 11 is made with a Great main camera. Like said before, it has an Attractive design and a Phenomenal value as well.

What are the flaws?

This new device actually had three mains flaws.
First, the MIUI still sorta sucks, there’s no much changes and that maintains how much it sucks.

It is totally not going to bring a smile on anyone’s face, when you hear that the Xiaomi Mi 11 has No IP rating. But it definitely doesn’t. And lastly, it has No telephoto camera.

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Xiaomi Mi 11 review. What’s the price in Nigeria?

Mi 11 is valued at around N266,756.00 to N342,972.00 in Nigerian Naira.

Design and Build

The size is of course big as expected. Compared to Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra, Mi 11 is just blink smaller. The Device is 164.3 x 74.6mm across the front, considering the size, the weight is fair enough as it weighs below 200g.

Specs and performance

Some might have been expecting something smaller or bigger but, The Xiaomi Mi 11 has a 8GB RAM (Just as many Laptops), though in some markets it’s also available in a 12GB variant.


Do not be turned away, the new device comes with a 4600mAh cell, just 600 cell difference compared to Tecno Pop 2 power. However, a day use is guaranteed.


Yes, it’s very impressive, the Mi 11 is made with a rear camera which is 108 Mega Pixel. This is a complete monster. The selfie Camera is also good enough to make everything as clear as possible as it’s made to be 20 Mega Pixel.

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