Zoom acquires an AI company building real-time translation

Zoom has announced the acquisition of Kites (short for Karlsruhe Information Technology Solutions), a firm that specializes in real-time translation and transcription software.
Zoom says the purchase will help it communicate more effectively with people who speak multiple languages, and it plans to add translation features to its video conferencing program.READ ALSO: Facial recognition software used to verify unemployment recipients reportedly doesn’t work well

Kites began at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, and its technology was originally created to operate as an in-classroom translation for students who needed assistance understanding the English or German their professors were teaching in, according to the company’s website.

Real-time transcriptions are already available on Zoom, but only for persons speaking in English. Zoom also states on a support website that its current live transcription feature may not meet certain accuracy standards. According to the corporation, it is considering establishing a research center in Germany, where the Kites team will be based.

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