Best Waterproof phones to buy in the new era

Hell yeah, the days of having to panic so much if your phone gets in contact with water are fast fading away. The introduction of waterproof mobile devices have helped alot in this field, it all depends on you, getting one of your choice. For that, we will be talking about the Best Waterproof phones to buy in the new era.

Waterproof phones

Traveling back to some years, a phone falling in water could be considered a death sentence. However, that’s not the case anymore. Mobile devices have been made to be more friendly with liquids, a development which has made it possible for phone to be safe despite getting in touch with H20.

Most mobile users had to depend on the use of phone cases, and other different accessories for protection against dirt or liquid, making their devices appear bigger and bulkier, instead of it’s normal slim size. Those days are gone, these are the days of waterproof phones.

While there are alot of phones which might claim to be waterproof, there are a bunch of them which are a dissapointment. Finding the Best Waterproof phones is however not a big deal, since this article aims at helping out.

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Who leads the way?

Just as many might have expected, Motorola and Sony have led the charge when it comes to, the making of water resistant mobiles. The best waterproof phones available are mostly from both companies, as they have defaulted their time and efforts working on how to make phones friendly with water.

Best Waterproof phones to buy in the new era

Below is the list of phones which could be said to be the best in resisting water.

1 iPhone 12 (+ 12 Mini, 12 Pro & 12 Pro Max) Valued around ₦ 712,999
2 iPhone 11 Pro (& 11 Pro Max) Valued at around ₦ 670,000
3 iPhone 11 ₦ 360,000
4 Samsung Galaxy S21 ₦ 469,000
5 OnePlus 8 Pro ₦ 335,000
6 Oppo Find X2 Pro ₦ 235,000
7 Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Valued at around ₦ 500,000
8 Google Pixel 5 ₦ 455,000
9 Samsung Galaxy S20 ₦ 570,000
10 Sony Xperia 1 II. ₦ 370,000

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