Consider these things for buying a video editing laptop

Consider these things for buying a video editing laptop

Consider these things for buying a video editing laptop

With the capability of a device being the ultimate when dealing with video editing, it is important to known how well a device is good to go before splashing cash on it. Today, we will be showing you the things to consider before buying a video editing laptop.

At the end of this article, you should know the key specs of a laptop which should determine if you will buy a laptop for edits or not.

Video editing Laptops

While all laptops can give a shot at editing Videos, not every Laptop is built for such purpose. While a well built HP Gaming Pavilion can be ok with handling the top video editing softwares, it not likely to get a perfect render every single time. Therefore, it will make sense if one says “it’s not to be considered while buying a video editing laptop”.

Working with high quality Videos like Ultra HD 4K is totally impossible with cheap laptops which are not meant for such purpose. While trimming of very short clips will be ok on such devices, the result is negative when 4K is involved.

A discrete graphics card is very much needed when considering a laptop for edits. And all laptops in this article about the top 3 best video editing laptops to buy, can all be said to be good to go. You will also want something with a more powerful card like a high-end Quadro or GTX 1070.

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Things to consider before buying a video editing Laptop


Before you finally build a video editing relationship with any PC, you should probably consider the Storage of the device. The storage does alot in determining the speed of your laptop during edits. No one wants a slow PC, and that’s why you should always get an SSD hard drive when editing video.


Having an awesome processor will be a very good idea. Especially if you’re someone who runs different applications at the same time. Running a video editing software and a screen Recorder like Bandicam definitely needs a good processor. So, it is important if you try to get at least an Intel i5 processor or an i7 if you have the budget.


This is super important as far as video editing is concerned. If you’re considering buying a video editing laptop, you’ll want to make sure the RAM is big enough. Files are stored temporary by the computer in the RAM once you start working with working with motion graphics, a bigger RAM serves a better purpose in this case.

Graphics Card

In case you’re wondering how important this is; you should know it is very necessary. The NVIDIA and AMD Graphics cards should probably come to mind when talking about the very best. Both companies do an amazing job and you should consider these when buying a video editing laptop.

Hope this was helpful, good luck on your desire for video edits. You will want to express your feelings in the comments section below.

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  2. Please. Talking about video editing, how can I slow the motion in Song Vegas Pro? I am new to the program, and iam stuck trying so hard to slow the motion. Can you make an article about Vegas Pro again? The other ones have been helpful, really helpful.

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