How to create a playlist on YouTube (Playlist creation)

A playlist is very helpful on YouTube is one of the most popular search engines in the world. And it is very easy to create, in case you want to know how to create it (you surely might) you’ll drop a smile because, with the help of this article, you’re going to learn How to create a playlist on YouTube.

What is a YouTube playlist?

Just like a music playlist on your device, a YouTube playlist contains your favorite Videos, videos you’ve saved to watch again some other time. YouTube playlists can be created either before you want to save a video, or when you’re about to save a video.

You have the room to make your playlists according to your needs, It mustn’t be videos from your channel or a particular channel, all videos on YouTube can be added to your playlist if you happen to like them all, it’s a choice.

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How to create a playlist on YouTube

With no need of going all the way to stress yourself, you just need to login with your YouTube account. You should note that; Creating a playlist is completely impossible if you’re not logged in.

Search for any video you’ll want to add to your playlist after it’s created, the search bar is always at the top of your page regardless if you’re using mobile or laptop.

While your video plays, you’ll see some controls/options just below the video display section, you will want to click on “Save”. It’s usually an icon with three unequal vertical lines and an additional sign by the right.

A new page opens and you have to select the playlist to save your video to, this is where you click on “Create”. A new page pops up and you create a playlist, give it a name and choose of you want it to be public or private.

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