Computer Launcher for Android, Make your mobile a laptop

You want to give your Android device some looks just like those of Windows? You want your device to operate just like a Windows type? Great! You will surely want to check out the Computer Launcher for Android.

Many Android devices come with different Launchers, these are carefully created to be user friendly and awesome, in looks as well. The Hios Launcher happens to be one of the most known, and most used of Launchers on the Android device.

However, different Choices are available, you get a different Launcher that suits your style, right from the Google Playstore. And among these is the Computer Launcher for Android.

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Computer Launcher for Android

Yes, it’s truly amazing both with the looks and functionality. This launcher gives your Android phone a Windows-like look. The looks are more of Windows 10. Your Home screen is re-customized, you can access your calendar by just tapping the date by the bottom right. Instead of sliding down your screen to turn on or off your data, you can tap the last icon by the bottom right. There, you can also access your settings, switch your flashlight to your desired power setting. E.t.c

How to download Computer Launcher

There are alot of websites which offer the Launcher for free. However, security reasons might hinder you from downloading from an unknown, or untrusted sit.

Google Playstore is the best place to download any App or game for your Android device. All Apps are tested and confirmed to be free of viruses, therefore, you will want to use Google playstore.

Just open the Store, it’s not necessary to login. In the search bar on the top of your page, Type “Computer Launcher”, It should be the first result to come out. You should take a good look at the logo before clicking on “Install”, After the Installation process, click on “Open”.

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