How to save a YouTube video online so you can watch later

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Saving videos to watch later on YouTube is pretty awesome, and it prevents alot of stress in finding a video you might have forgotten how you came across. Your desire to know about this Youtube feature will be satisfied by this piece of literature, because we will be teaching you How to save a YouTube video online so you can watch it later.

A YouTube feature which makes it possible for you to save a video so you can come back for it is called “Watch later”. With this feature, YouTube streaming experience has become more awesome.

Imagine receiving a low data warning while watching an interesting Youtube video you just ran into, then having saving that video for later purposes, you can come back to continue exactly where you stopped after subscribing your device again. It works and saves.

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How to save a YouTube video online so you can watch it later

It is important to note that before you add a YouTube video to your Watch later, you must log in with your preferred account if you happen to have many (Not being signed in will make it impossible to use this feature).

While your video plays on YouTube, you’ll see some controls/options just below the video display section, you will want to click on “Save”. It’s usually an icon with three unequal vertical lines and an additional sign by the right.

While a new page opens, you can click on “Watch later”. Or you can go ahead and save it to one of your playlist. Select the playlist you want to save the video in. If you haven’t created any playlist before, you can do so at this very moment then, go on to save the video in the created playlist.

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