How unimaginable is the God of War gameplay graphics?

Being one of the best games in existence at the moment, the hypes keep rising as well as the amazement. Despite the game’s popularity, someone might wonder “How unimaginable is the God of War gameplay graphics?

Well, the answer to the above question exists in this very piece of writing. Read through.

What’s God of War all about?

God of War is one of the most attention drawing action-adventure game which is created by David Jaffe at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio. The earliest days of Playstation 2 were associated with the constant gameplay of the very game about Kratos who is the God of war.

The game is based in ancient mythology, the story follows Kratos , a Spartan warrior who was tricked by Ares who was the Greek God of War into killing his family.

Vengeance is all Kratos has in his heart and that is nothing to quench easily. Kratos Assumes his position as the God of war but the visions of his past still hunt him.

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Key features of God of War

Genre: Third-Person acton adventure
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developer: Santa Monica Studio
Rated M : Mature content, Intense Violence
Mode(s) : Single player
Nominated most anticipated game

God of War gameplay video is prepared in the lower part of this article in case you wish to see how great it look. 

Where can I get the God of war game?

You can easily order the God of War game from the number one shopping mall in Nigeria; Jumia. Are you a PC gamer? Playstation? Xbox? Nintendo? You’re good to go, you can easily order the game, get the delivery and have a wonderful game experience.

Watch God of War gameplay

You want to see for yourself how awesome the game graphics are don’t you? Great, you’ll want to watch this god of war gameplay video below.

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