Learn how to add a picture in your article on WordPress

Are you writting an article on WordPress but don’t know how to insert a picture in your work? You might be new to WordPress or maybe you’re not new but have never tried doing this before. Whatever the reason might be, know that you’re actually in the right place to know. Just keep reading.

This article aims at letting you know all the necessary steps you need to take In order to add a picture in your article on WordPress. At the end of this piece of writing, you should know all you need to be aware of as far as inserting a picture in an article is concerned.

What is WordPress?

This question might appear to be totally irrelevant to whole bunch of people. However, a reasonable number of internet users will appreciate an answer to this question and that is exactly what we’re going to do.

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WordPress is a content management system used by many websites around the word. Many websites use WordPress to manage the content on their websites, this includes making posts (writing articles) on their sites, editing the already written posts, deleting a post from your site or bringing it back. The use of WordPress have only increased since it’s release in May, 2003.

WordPress offers different themes for websites of different kinds, these helps in giving your site a remarkable look which can be considered to be more professional. Plugins are also made available to make the creation of content possible and admirable.

What’s the importance of inserting pictures in an article?

Inserting pictures in your article is very advisable as it helps in making it easier for your audience to understand your work. (Illustrations are very important). Pictures are also helpful in SEO rankings and it will be wise to use them if you aim on ranking higher.

Steps to insert a picture In your work

While creating a post as an admin on a blog, you will want to follow the steps below to insert a picture in your precious work.

  • On the top of the page, click on “Add media”
  • Click on “upload files” then “select files”
  • Select the folder which has your target photo then, select the photo you want to use
  • Add a title, caption and description to the picture (optional)
  • Click on “Insert into post”

Whoosh! Your picture appears in the article in less than 10 secs, you can do this repeatedly whenever you wish to import a picture, process doesn’t change but the result is always same for any kind of picture.

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