Sony PlayStation 5, is it really worth the price?

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So far, millions of people have already asked this same question, is Sony PlayStation 5 really worth it’s price? Do you happen to be among those saying that the price of the console is way too much? Or you happen to believe it’s certainly worth it? Whatever your answer might be, we will all accept the fact that Sony PlayStation 5 is the best so far.

After several years of experience with the PlayStation 4 which was known to be SONY’s best gaming console as of then, the electronic company has decided to release a console which has done nothing but amaze it’s users so far, welcome to the days of PlayStation 5 by SONY.

How much is PlayStation 5 valued around?

SONY’s new development (PS5) has been made with new features which could be said to be breathtaking from the very looks to the performance. In high numbers, Game lovers have described the new machine as ‘a beauty’ and have insisted that it’s worth the price. However, considering the fact that there must always be an existence of proposition and opposition, some still believe the price tag is way too high as the console is valued at around 527,000. A PS5 Gamepad is valued around 45,900 (Almost enough to buy a PlayStation 3 console which could be afforded at around 59,000 to 80,000).

This new console is truly a development and that cannot be played down, it completely outshines it’s predecessors and stands as a clear example of the term ‘Improvement’ check out the features of this monster below:

Sony PlayStation 5 gamepad

Features of the Sony PlayStation 5

So what are the new features that have arrived with the introduction of the PlayStation 5 which is so much valued with a price considered to be way too much for an average citizen? Check them out below:

1. Loading Time: unlike the other consoles which are known to have a hard time loading sometimes, the new beast is extremely fast as games are loaded in just a short time, making the whole gaming experience a lovable one.

2. New Audio Technology: SONY has created its own Audio Tech and is used in the new console to enhance gameplay sound which is more realistic and can thankfully work on any headphones available.

3. 4K UHD Blu-ray drive: with the availability of this very feature, the PlayStation 5 will not just be a gaming console used for leisure time but can serve the purpose of Entertainment as Video disks can be played with the new machine.

With the above features, the choice and decision still remains yours, not all minds are same neither are the monetary stability of indivduals, so what do you think? Is the new game console (PS5) really worth the price? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below.

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