What is the best Video Editor on PC? (Monster Software)

Is there a No. 1 best video editor on PC? 

The existence of different video editors on the personal computer has only been given a rise in number over the years and this has raised much competition in the video editing world. These results in the risen frequency of the question “What is the best Video Editor on PC’?

More than 20 Computer programmes are used by different individuals across the world for the purpose of making videos. Most people doing it for money while others just for fun.

While ‘The fun video editors’ prefer using less complicated Editors like Video pad, Professionals who do it for the purpose of business prefer using the top Editors which are more complicated but amazing to use once practiced carefully. These might might include the likes of Power Director, Filmora, SONY Vegas Pro and Adobe Premiere.

However, one might wonder which Editing software is considered or can be considered to be the best among the existing ones, and the ultimate answer to such question is “Choice”. There might be a Software than Billions of people are using currently but a question will come in “Which one suits you better”?

Cyberlink Power Director work environment (What’s the best video editor on PC?)

There could be a Number of ‘Most used’ video editors!

In recent years, the use of SONY Vegas Pro and Adobe Premiere has risen on the YouTube platform, more than 50% of the top channels use either Adobe Premiere or SONY Vegas Pro for their edits and most fall back to Adobe After effects for the finishing touches.

A 1.8 Million subsribed football YouTube (JavierNathaniel) managed by a Jamaican young man named Javier Nathaniel AKA Chad wrote on his ‘About Channel’ naming the two programmes he uses for his edits and they were certainly Vegas Pro and Adobe After effects (for the finishing touches).

Many effects made in movies today are done with the help of these Programmes (Vegas Pro, Adobe Premiere and After Effects) and this can tell that going for any of these three means going for the very top and most used which can be said to be the best.

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Are these three the most valued?

The Importance of having a reasonable knowledge about these top softwares can be seen as they are a requirement for being employed with top Visual companies/organizations. One must have a very friendly experience with the so-called complicated softwares before getting an employment with Netflix, CW Series, ABC Studios, Marvel and many more. Comments on the Netflix YouTube channel about many videos show that the viewers/audience are ok with the present editor and No channel will want anything order than that.

It is therefore advisable to consider the likes of Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After effects and SONY Vegas Pro for the purpose of employment.

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