Add a caption to a picture in WordPress (WordPress Tutorial)

It might interest the ignorant to know the importance of a caption in different articles. While there are times a caption will not be needed for an Image, times exist when it’s considered necessary. That’s why we are teaching you how to Add a caption to a picture in WordPress.


Images inserted in an article for the purpose of decoration can have no caption, and that will be ok, but an image or photo which is so much connected to the article, will be assumed to be treated more fairly if, it happens to have a caption. I.e An article about Cristiano Ronaldo’s achievements, if this article has a picture of Cristiano receiving a Ballon D’Or Award, you can do well by writing a caption which goes; “Cristiano Ronaldo collecting the Ballon D’Or Award in 2014”.


WordPress is a content management system used by many websites around the word. Many websites use WordPress to manage the content on their websites, this includes making posts (writing articles) on their sites, editing the already written posts, deleting a post from your site or bringing it back. The use of WordPress have only increased since it’s release in May, 2003.

WordPress offers different themes for websites of different kinds, these helps in giving your site a remarkable look which can be considered to be more professional. Plugins are also made available to make the creation of content possible and admirable.

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Add a caption to a picture in WordPress (WordPress Tutorial)

You should first of all know that, adding photos to your work is good for your SEO, and to Add a caption to a picture in WordPress does the same good.

While already logged Into your site as an admin, take a good look at your menu and tools bar, Just by the left side of the “Add Contact Forum” option, you’ll see “Add Media” then click on it.

If you already have a picture in your media library you wish to add, click on it. If not, click on “Upload files”, select the directory your preferred image is in, select the image.

While the image loads, scroll down and click in the provided space which has the label “Caption”, write whatever you wish as your caption and click Import.

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