Best screen Recorders on PC to install

Best screen Recorders on PC to install

The act of recording screens on Laptops have become very popular and useful. It has become what many PC users can’t do without, all with different genuine reasons. And are here to give you the Best screen Recorders on PC to install, all for your joy.

At the end of this article, you should have an idea about which of the available screen recorders on PC is best for you.

So you’ve fallen in the category of those wanting a screen Recorder ney? Surely, you’ll want to know the very Best screen Recorders on PC to install. Let’s ask this question; do you need it for your gaming channel? Do you need it for your tutorial channel? I was close right? Let’s see why most people use this softwares.

Screen Recording

Screen Recording strictly has to do with you, the user of a PC, recording the activities of your device’s screen while working on it. It is quite easy. This is very useful for PC users who are interested in tutoring others on how to do certain things with a laptop. Screen recording also, is used by most people who do the gaming act. Many channels on YouTube deal specially with gameplay videos. Screens are recorded while games are played, then uploaded to the YouTube video streaming platform.

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Who’s popular and uses Screen Recorders?

Who’s popular? Let’s consider two of those shall we?

First, a YouTube channel (Airton Silva). This is a gaming Channel with currently 219K subscribers. His channel will definitely have a hard time surviving without screen recording. He definitely uses one of the Best screen Recorders on PC.

Second, Vertic Designs. This is also a YouTube channel but deals with tutorial videos. He deals with How to use Vegas Pro, how to edit with Photoshop, Premier e.t.c Currently has 68.6K subscribers.

Best screen Recorders on PC to install

These are the big guys in screen Recording on PC


Filmora Scrn



OBS Studio

Apowersoft Unlimited

Screencast-O-Matic (Online)

AceThinker (web-based)

BenosTech know more


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  1. Nothing will make me go for anything order than BANDICAM 🔥
    Thanks for making it No. 1 I’ve been using it since I started my Gaming Channel on YouTube. I record PES gameplay videos with it and the quality is awesome. The paid version offers recording in 4K! I love it.


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