How to know when last your Laptop was used

Kevin goes out, Kevin comes back home and he’s like “Who used my laptop”? Everyone claims the laptop wasn’t used but Kevin knows something is not right. Painful right? Well, that’s exactly why we are going to show you How to know when last your Laptop was used.

With everyone claiming not to have used Kevin’s PC, he can easily check the last time his device was used, if the time doesn’t correspond with when last he touched it himself, That’s the answer, someone tempered with it.

Why check the last usage time?

There are different reasons one will want to know this, the Kevin example is one of the reasons one will want to know when last their Laptop was used. It could also be as a result of parental guidance and control (Which is mostly the case).

The privacy of a personal computer has become very important as technology improves everyday. One might value some files and folders in his/her laptop more than his wallet. And Using their system against their will be a big blow to such people.

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How to know when last your Laptop was used

It is pretty easy to do the checking and works nicely. However, the use of parental control- and monitoring software will be advised to you if what you really want to do is keep an eye on your children’s laptop activities.

This will help you in knowing when last your PC was used; Visit ‘Recent places’. It’s usually just by the left hand side of any windows. Here, your device should tell you when last every folder was visited/opened. Did you last visit a folder named ‘Movies’ at 4:06 PM? Is your device now telling you it was last visited at 5:31 PM? If yes, someone definitely touched your laptop.

You can also help yourself by checking your browser history. Most times, even a sneaky brother or sister forgets to clear their trails. You can tell what you browsed in a day once you set your eyes on your browser history. Maybe Your gender is male, you love electronic games and other stuff which might include football, but some reason, your browsing history shows a search for ‘barbie’ or maybe a ZeeWorld series you’ve never picked interest in. Oh yeah, your precious Laptop most have been touched.

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