How to block someone on Facebook (2022)

Is it Effective to block someone on Facebook? 

Many have wondered if it is possible to block someone on  Facebook and it is nothing to wonder about No more, you’re certainly in the right place as this article is aimed at teaching you exactly how to do it.

In recent years, different versions of the Facebook mobile App have been introduced with new features which aim at improving the friendly user experience and ‘Blocking someone’ happens to be one of the introduced features on the App.

The act of ‘Blocking’ on Facebook can be effective on every Facebook account in existence, blocking a friend on Facebook means you will no longer be friends with him/her, you will cease to exist to the blocked friend and vice versa. In summary, if you wish to block a friend named ‘Richard’, the following should be kept in mind;
1. You and Richard will no longer be friends on Facebook
2. Richard will also be blocked on Messenger and won’t be able to search, call or message you on Facebook.

How to block someone on Facebook

Why should I block someone on Facebook?

A good number of reasons why you might want to block someone on Facebook are in existence. A friend of yours might have a habit of making posts which are completely not your taste as this might include pictures of videos which are in relation with pornography (which is the reason in many cases), you might also want to do away with someone who’s bothering you online and ‘Blocking’ comes in to serve a perfect purpose here.

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NOTE: No notifications are sent to any party concerning your ‘block’ action. This means the blocked person won’t know he/she has been blocked but will automatically cease to be your friend thus being unable to see your news feeds and won’t be able to message you on the App (Facebook) except you Unblock.

Steps to Block Someone on Facebook

After considering the above information on blocking someone, you may wish to proceed to the following steps to perform the ‘Block’ option

-Login to your Facebook account through
-Click in the top right of Facebook.
-Select Settings and Privacy then go on to click on Settings.
-Click Blocking in the menu.
-You will have to select the kind of blocking you want to do.
-Type in the name of the person you want to block and click Block.
-A message will come in asking if you want to block the person or take a break.
-Click on Block and the person will be blocked.

After the following the above steps carefully, you can be sure about the absence of the ‘blocked’ party and privacy intentions will be met by Facebook which is one of the most used Social media platforms in the world.

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