How to get the Android 12 beta on non-Pixel phones


Android 12

While Getting the Android 12 on Pixel phones is known to be very easy/simple, a good number of mobile users still wonder how they can get it on non-pixel phones.

Worry no more, this article will guide you exactly on how to do so. More awesomely, it’s super simple and very much less stressful. Let’s get to it.

Google announced Android 12 at its I/O developer conference & although the new mobile Operating system arrives properly later this in 2021, you can get the Android 12 Beta 2 on a range of devices right now. so let’s go straight to how you can download and install it if you wish to check out the new Material You design or latest privacy features.

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How to download Android 12 Beta 2 (Pixel) 

Sometimes, Google limits the Android beta to its own Pixel devices, However, you can get Android Beta 2 on various other devices this year, from the likes of OnePlus, Asus, Xiaomi and more. The process is a little different, but we’ll explain how to get it on Pixel.

How to get the Android 12 beta on non-Pixel phones

Getting this on non-pixel phones is a bit different for phones made by Google’s partners. In general, a user needs to go over to the manufacturer’s website to get the beta.

So, yes! You’ll go to this Android Beta page (on your phone to download, another device for instructions)
Move down and click the ‘make for your phone’
Then follow the specific instructions provided on the page.

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