How to make yourself disappear in Adobe After Effects

How cool is it when you see someone disappear in a movie? You’re watching a magical movie, a hunted wizard is about to be caught after years of being hunted for then Whoosh! He disappears. Awesome right? You can do it too because we’re teaching you How to make yourself disappear in Adobe After effects.

How awesome is Adobe After Effects?

Adobe After Effects is a very powerful video editing software used by different movie Studios for their screen effects which includes making someone disappear.

Amazing effects are made possible with this Adobe Software, have you seen a man burning in a movie? Jumping on building tops? Walking through a wall? Flying like a bird, wait, have you seen a dragon? Just mention it, it’s all Adobe After Effects.

The use of this program has made ultimately reasonable impact on the film world and it cannot do without it currently.

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So, how you make yourself disappear in Adobe After Effects?

Following your desire to practice the trick of disappearing in a video, you will want to watch the tutorial video provided below. The video covers all steps needed to be followed by you to make yourself disappear in this very powerful Software.

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