How To Use Google Chrome’s Tab-Grouping Feature To Organize Your Browser

How To Use Google Chrome's Tab-Grouping Feature To Organize Your Browser

If you have 864,896 window tabs open at once or are overloaded by more than a baker’s dozen, Google has introduced a useful feature to its suite of Google Chrome resources that will enable you to maintain tabs on all of your tabs. 

Tab groups, a function launched last year, allows you to group open websites together with one click and mark them with a personalized name and colour. Once you’ve formed a community, you may switch and reorder the tabs inside it.

This functionality has been available for years in other browsers such as Vivaldi and Opera, as well as web plugins such as OneTab.

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When you’re operating on several tasks at once, monitoring mission success, or browsing several shopping and review pages, tab groups can come in handy.

How To Use Google Chrome's Tab-Grouping Feature To Organize Your Browser

Create your own tab category by using words or emojis for the group name. The best thing is that groups are saved anytime you close and restart Chrome, which saves you the step of searching into your browser history to locate the page you’re looking for.

Tab classes are also included in Chrome. The functionality would be enabled for Chrome browser users on desktops running Chrome OS, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

To make group tabs in Chrome, follow these steps:

  1. With a tab open, right-click it and choose Add tab to the new group
  2. Give your tab party a name and a colour.
  3. As you open new windows, right-click on them and choose to Add to group, then select the community to which you want to link them. The tabs in that category will be highlighted in the colour you selected.
  4. After that, you should rearrange them within each category however you see fit.

Google Chrome is the world’s most common browser, and the tabs functionality has been in development for several months, according to Google.

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