Is it still advisable to buy the PlayStation 2 game console

Is it still advisable to buy the PlayStation 2 game console

Yes the world changes, there is evolution which results to different happening, including a change in choice. While a lesser number of gamers talk about the older Sony consoles, we will advising you about buying the PlayStation 2 game console.

The days of PlayStation 2 seem to have faded away with the introduction of the PlayStation 3’s and 4’s. It has finally gotten more interesting as Sony has released their latest beast; The PlayStation 5. But should we kick the PS2 console away? Hell ‘No’ and you’ll know why.

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Many mobile users these days tend to use their devices for games rather than calls and messages, a good number of Android users are below 15 years and gaming is all they think about. So look at this: Instead of buying an Android device only to use it for games on percentage of 86%, it is better to purchase a PlayStation 2 which offers better graphics, and smoothness In most cases.

The PlayStation 2 console offers better gameplay graphics than Android in many games, that’s why most Android users end up using an Emulator of psp on their devices.

The PlayStation 2 console is specially designed for gaming and it’s appearance and set up results to an awesome game experience, with your fingers on the gamepad controls, you don’t have to run your fingers on screen and block your own view like it’s done on Android.

You can still purchase a PS2 Console in different retailer shops, or you can easily order one for yourself from the number one shopping mall in Nigeria, Jumia.

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