Learn how to schedule a post on Facebook

Learning how to schedule a post on Facebook will be very exciting, do you imagine yourself using the feature of scheduling right on Facebook for your posts? Great, your imaginations are about to come to reality, all you need to do is ‘read on’.

This article will help you understand what it means to schedule a post, what is involved in scheduling a post and the steps involved in doing so. At the end of the Article, you should be able to use this very feature efficiently. Just keep reading.

What it means to Schedule a post

Scheduling a post is simply an interesting act of setting a time you want your already written post to go ‘Public’. It might be that you’ve made a post at the moment but don’t want people to see it at that time. Before you schedule, you must first of all write what you want to post (Create a post of any kind) then, you go on to set or select the time to want people to see it.

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Scheduling a post on Facebook (Learn how to schedule a post on Facebook)

Scheduling works on different platforms, YouTube channels are fond of using the schedule feature on YouTube, they upload a video to their channels but sets a time they want the video to go public so people can watch it. Same goes with Bloggers, after writing an article, some Bloggers schedule such articles and no one can see or read till it goes public when the scheduled time reaches.

On Facebook, it is important to note that only those with Business pages can use the Schedule feature.

Steps to schedule a post on Facebook

With no hesitation, you should confidently follow the below steps to schedule a post on your Facebook business page.

  • With you already logged into your account, click on Pages from the Menu
  • Click on your own page (The page you wish to make a post in)
  • Click on ‘Publishing Tools’ from the column by the left
  • Click on “Create Post”
  • In the provided space, make a post
  • Click and select Schedule Post.
  • Choose the Date you wish to publish the post (Date & time)
  • Click on Schedule
  • Click on Schedule post

And that’s it, you’re there already, your scheduled post will become public as soon as your selected time and date arrives.

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