OnePlus 9 release date, price & specs rumours

OnePlus 9 release date, price & specs rumours

A good number of mobile users are out there, wondering when the OnePlus 9 is finally going to be released. Of course it’s an awesome device already, carefully made to one of the most amazing in the year. This article is aimed at letting you know the OnePlus 9 release date, price & specs rumours.

At the end of this piece of literature, you should know about the talks flying around about this new product (OnePlus 9).

Yeah we all know that; the OnePlus 8T is currently considered to be, the very best and most recent release by the company. But with talks of a new guy about to come in Town, all thoughts are about the OnePlus 9 release date.

What is the OnePlus 9 release date?

With information from different sources, the well anticipated device will be available for purchases in March 2021. This makes it an earlier release date compared to OnePlus 8, which was released a month later last year (April).

How much will the OnePlus 9 cost?

There’s no official information about what the price of this new device will be. However, the previous Devices which include OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 3T, can tell you what to expect the price to be around.

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What are the expected Specs?

The device is expected to have an 8GB RAM, a RAM which would have been good enough for video edits with Power Softwares if at all, OnePlus 9 was a PC. A base CPU frequency of 1.8GHz is also expected of the anticipated device.

With the current information, a 6.55in, FHD+, 120Hz flat display is pictured on the OnePlus 9, It will also have a 3.8mm punch-hole camera in the upper-left corner.

About the power, 4500mAh battery is expected with the new device and 65W charging.

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