Remove Youtube video content which received Copyright claim

You uploaded a video which received a copyright claim? It’s truly heartbreaking, this is one of the most heartbreaking happenings in the YouTube world and, no matter one gets used to receiving copyright claims, he/she will never stop hating it. We are showing you How to remove Youtube video content which received copyright.

Up to hundred of thousand videos are being blocked on YouTube daily for copyright issues, some fairly and some, a mistake. Yes, the Bots used by YouTube for scanning videos for copyright do make mistakes.
Many have complained about their video being blocked unfairly and, such cases were addressed and resolved with their content given back to them.

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Learn how to upload a video to YouTube

Before uploading a video to YouTube, you must make sure that the video you’re uploading is 100 percent original content. Do you want to upload a Wiz Khalifa music video which is already on YouTube? No way! It can’t work that way unless, you use it fairly. Using a video fairly is usually ‘not uploading the whole of it to YouTube’, you can cut little parts of it if you wish, this is allowed for the purpose of research and reference.

But what now after you’ve uploaded the video but, some parts of it were claimed by another content creator? Knowing too well that you’re not the original owner of such content, you should remove such to make your video copyright free.

Not all parts of the video is always claimed. So, you’ll have to log into your your channel, nevigate to YouTube Studio, your videos then select the video you wish to work on (The one with a copyright claim).

Trim out the parts which have been claimed, such parts will be replaced by a black screen when the video is played by the audience.

Sometimes, it’s not just the video but also the audio. Same applies here, you replace the audio to solve the problem. Using copyright free songs is very advisable, the YouTube audio library will be helpful and so will NCS on YouTube.

You can as well mute the audio at some parts (If not all parts of audio was claimed).

Note: You may find it impossible to save your changes if your video has over 100,000 views, or is over 6 hours long. However, this restriction doesn’t apply to channels in the YouTube Partner Program.

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