Tips for shooting better video on Android

Tips for shooting better video on Android

Shooting better videos on Android is what every little or well established videographer should wish and go for. It’s extremely nice and interesting that the quality of Videos on an Android device have become better over the years.

Imagine getting a full resolution video with your Smart phone in the current years. Android phones now offer up to 4K resolution videos, talk less of the 1080p which used to be darling some years back.

Want to get down with shooting better videos on Android devices? These tips should help you achieve your aim. At the end of recording, your quality should bring smiles upon your face. Let’s hit it.

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Tips for shooting better video on Android

Always clean the lens

This might be one of the most underestimated techniques. But the level of it’s usefulness is way beyond measurement. Cleaning the lens eliminates any dust particle which may be preventing it from giving the best view it can. It prevents the blurry and Totally poor quality which is definitely not what you want.

Use Both Hands to hold your device

While recording your video, it’s important you use both hands to hold the smartphone. This is because it let’s you have a firmer hold of the phone, preventing it from shaking. Shaking affects the video quality negatively.

Keep it Horizontal

Yes, this might be a problem to the likes of TikTok and Vskit users. However, for shooting better videos on Android, it’s advisable record in landscape mode especially if you’re going to edit it later. Or upload it to YouTube.

Watch out for high contrast areas

You will have to be very careful as you have areas of bright sunlight which is super or artificial illumination as well as dark shadowy areas. Your Android device will struggle to balance out the areas & will leave you with blown-out lights & inky blacks with no definition. You should aim at positioning yourself somewhere with less of contrast.

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  1. I have been trying to shoot a short film with my Android. My friends say if it’s not iPhone, quality will be bad. But I used these tips and result is cool. I use Samsung and I think there’s no big deal about iPhone Camera. It’s overated! Thanks Kevin and again, do a face reveal please.


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