Using Video chat on Instagram. See your chats live

Using Video chat on Instagram. See your chats live

Using Video chat on Instagram. See your chats live

Just like the likes of Skype, Google meeting and WhatsApp, Instagram makes it possible for you to make video chats. It’s simple and fun to do. And that’s what this article is all about (Using Video chat on Instagram).

At the end of this piece of writing, you should have reasonable information about video chatting on Instagram. And not only will you know about how it’s done, you will be able to do it yourself. Read on.

Video chats

Many Applications and platforms make it possible for it’s users to see each other as they talk. The process of doing so is known to be video chatting. Instagram happens to be one of such platforms. It is more interesting to know that the location doesn’t matter, Instagram connects people all over the world. All that’s needed are a few clicks.

What do I need before using video chat on Instagram?

Of course you need a device with impressive internet connection. This helps the call to be stable and more fun.

A device with a front camera is necessary for this. The front camera records you to present to the speaker at the other end and same is done on the speaker’s side.

If all of the above is available, using video chat on Instagram is possible for you.

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How to start a video chat

While logged in to your account, Click the icon which has a circle with an ‘N’ in the top right of Feed.

Click in the top right. Select people from the list below or tap Search… to search for someone, then go ahead and click Start. A notification about your call will be sent to the person or group you’re calling.
To end your video chat, click the big ‘X’ sign in the top right.

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