What is Meta Description on WordPress? How do i use it?

Often seen a provided space for you to write a metal description, for your article in WordPress? Of course yes, it appears all times and, that goes to tell how important a description is. For the purpose of proper provision of knowledge, we will be answering the question “What is Meta Description on WordPress? How do I use it?

But first, let’s take a look at WordPress itself.


WordPress is a content management system used by many websites around the word. Many websites use WordPress to manage the content on their websites, this includes making posts (writing articles) on their sites, editing the already written posts, deleting a post from your site or bringing it back. The use of WordPress have only increased since it’s release in May, 2003.

WordPress offers different themes for websites of different kinds, these helps in giving your site a remarkable look which can be considered to be more professional. Plugins are also made available to make the creation of content possible and admirable.

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What is Meta Description?

This is also called “meta description attribute or tag”. This description is a HTML element, which is aimed at giving the audience a hint about what your content (Article) is all about.

With a Description, one can tell the message you’re trying to pass across every audience.

How Much is Meta description used?

It happens that, recently, many content creators no longer ignore the use of meta Description. Almost every article seen on the internet today. (This very article has one too).

How long should the description be?

While change is constant, the number of characters needed for such description has changed also. Right now (2021), a number of 275 characters is good enough for description. You should try reaching that number.

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