What is the best Video Editor on Mobile devices?

How tough is the competition?

The existence of different video editors on mobile devices has only been given a rise in number over the years, and this has raised much competition in the Mobile video editing world. These results in the risen frequency of the question “What is the best Video Editor on Mobile devices’?

More than 20 Mobile Applications are made and used by different individuals across the world for the purpose of making videos. Most people doing it for money while others just for fun.

Android, Apple, and iPhone all have different Apps for video editing, however, not all Apps offer editing services as wished, this helps us to choose which among the available ones based on their performance.

So, which video editor on mobile devices is the best?

While ‘The fun video editors’ prefer using less complicated Editors like video merge, movie Studio e.t.c Professionals who do it for the purpose of business prefer using the top Editors which are more complicated but amazing to use once practiced carefully. These might might include the likes of Power Director, KineMaster and Filmora.

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While choice plays a key role in picking the App which is best for you, selecting the best App based on performance can be narrowed down to two choices. Considering the amazing features and strength possessed by these two Apps, they can be said to be the two most Awesome Video editors on Mobile devices, they are the best editors available for mobile at the moment (As far as strength & features is concerned). These Apps include;


Power Director work environment (What is the best video editor on mobile devices?)

The Power Director App is one of the most Powerful Video editors on Mobile devices and it offers a good number of video editing features. The size of this App is actually small considering the awesome services it offers, it can be downloaded from the Google Play store. Power Director provides the Chroma Key feature which is amazing for green screen edits, it also possesses the Picture in Picture (PiP) feature which, if used wisely, can result to an awesome video presentation. With Power Director, you can reverse videos, reduce the speed (Slow motion) or fasten it up.


KineMaster work environment (What is the best video editor on mobile devices?)

Boom! Here comes the No. 1 competitor of Power Director. The KineMaster have been compared with Power Director for a good number of years and that has only help users of both Apps, this is because; The makers of both Applications want to maintain the their top position among other Apps and then lead the table if possible.
KineMaster has a lot if similar features with Power Director (Both Apps can do same Jobs).

However, both Apps have some features which are absent in the other’s, and this has only proven that both Apps are good and can be useful to an individual at the same time.

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