What Shipping Methods are available on Konga?

What Shipping Methods are available on Konga?

What Shipping Methods are available on Konga?

Want to market on Konga and you’re wondering which shipping methods are available on the online shopping platform? Too good for you; that’s what this article is all about.

We will be focusing on the methods of shipping anyone might consider using if his/her product is bought after being listed on Konga.

Konga is actually one of the most used online shopping platforms in Nigeria. It falls in competition with the likes of Jumia and Jiji. And features different projects from different sellers. And anyone can sell on Konga as far as they meet all requirements and are ok with the T&C’s.

To sell on Konga involves making your product available for purchase using the Konga online ecommerce website as the selling point. Here, customers to purchase from you. You might want to advertise your posted product(s) digitally on different social media platforms which might be Facebook, Instagram, or maybe your blog if you have any. You can run Ad’s if you wish as well.

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Now that a buyer has come to your listed item, what shipping methods can you use? Let’s see then.

Available Shipping Methods

On Konga, the availability of methods lie within the circle of Self-fulfillment, Fulfillment by Konga (FBK), also KOS express, DHL logistics, QUO, EMS, as well as Courier-Plus. These companies nationally provide shipping services at an exclusive rate for Konga. Want to ship? Use them.

In making listings more attractive, You can provide Self-fulfillment by providing free shipping which delivers at buyer’s doorsteps (if they’re within your area). Truly, this action boosts sales by up to 30%.

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