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Hide Facebook posts

Want to hide Facebook posts in 2021? Cool, let’s learn how to do it easily.

Hiding your posts on Facebook has become much more easier with the official Facebook lite mobile App. It can be done with just a few clicks. Most awesome of all; there’s no special knowledge required.

This can be done by anyone on any Mobile device which uses Facebook lite, all you have to do is follow the steps provided in this article.

Why hide a Facebook post?

Most times we make a post on Facebook but we wish some of our friends didn’t see it (post), it might be because that very post is what you want to keep away from him/her for personal reasons or you know he/she dislikes such posts. So, knowing how to hide a post on Facebook becomes very important.

There are things we discuss when we are with our peers, the language we use as well as our attitude/behavior is different from that which we use while talking to parents, uncles auntie or other elders.

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The same thing applies to the usage of Facebook, sometimes we make posts and we only want our peers to see it, not our parents or siblings and some times, the posts are meant only for your siblings/family members.

The above reason results to the discussion of “how to hide Facebook posts”

How to hide Facebook posts

With the purpose of achieving your aim (to hide a post on Facebook),you will want to follow the steps below carefully to hide whatever post you wish to hide from whoever you wish to hide it from. (Tutorial is based on the usage of Facebook Lite)

Log into your Facebook account through the Facebook lite App
Go to create post (What’s on your mind?)
Make your post
Look on the top left around your profile picture, under your name, click on ‘friends’
Click on ‘friends except’
Select the friend/friends you want to hide the post from then click ‘Save’
Click on ‘Post’

With the above steps followed carefully, all the selected friends will not see your post after you’ve posted it on Facebook.

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