Learn how to sell on Facebook market place

Learn how to sell on Facebook market place

One of the latest features added to the very known social media platform is actually user friendly as thought by many. Today, we will be showing you how to sell on Facebook market place.

Making your user experience friendly on Facebook market place is what this article aims at. You will learn of every information needed on how to sell on market place. At the end of the piece of writing, you should be able sell whatever you wish to, right on the platform.

Facebook Market place

The newly introduced Facebook market place has made the buying and selling of goods more easier.

Just like it’s done on Jumia, you can order products on this platform, both used and brand new. All you have to do is know how to sell on Facebook market place.

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Who can use this platform

One might wonder if this feature is available for all Facebook users. Well, good news is; Yes it is. Everyone having a Facebook account can buy or sell with Market place. It just has to do with wether you’re willing to do it on the platform.

How awesome is Market place?

Truly awesome. The very best thing for most users is the fact that, you get to transact with people who are near you. Someone living in the same city or town with you might have a product you’re interested in. In such a case, communication is easy and the delivery is super less stressful.

how to sell on Facebook market place

Of course you have to login first.

Click on your menu bar then tap market place.

Tap ‘Sell’ then fill in the necessary information about the product you want to sell. These includes the name, model, price e.t.c

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