Email saying I requested a new Facebook password but I didn’t

I got an email saying I requested a new Facebook but I didn't

“I got an email saying I requested a new Facebook password but I didn’t make this request. What can be said about this?”

Well, much can be said about that, but less will be meaningful. There are times many Facebook users tend to have the same experience. You’re watching a movie or playing a game with your device. And then, Boom! A message comes up, telling you that you requested a new Facebook password.

Why this happens

An email has made it’s way into your device, telling you about password resetting. This might happen because;

Someone mistakenly wrote your own Facebook username while trying to login. This happens to be the case when you have a username which is very similar to someone else’s. An Email as well, email addresses which are quite similar are easy to be misspelled.

On the other hand, it won’t be a mistake. Someone might be deliberately trying to access your account without your permission.

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What to do if you didn’t request a new Facebook password but got the message

While this is very alerting, its always advisable not to press the panic button if you’re normally quick for that.

There’s only one simple thing to do. Just don’t click the link sent to your email. Ignore any message sent to you for a password reset as far as you didn’t request for it. You can make things easier by turning off password resets for your username.

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