How to keep a mobile device super cool

How to keep a mobile device super cool

How to keep a mobile device super cool

Yes we all know it, a hot phone is not wanted, it’s not advisable to let it become hot. That’s why we’re going to learn How to keep a mobile device super cool.

A phone may become hot due to different reasons, maybe it’s overloaded with cases and other accessories. or the system has worked too hard.

Are you turning your mobile device “On” currently after 2 or 3 hours of inactivity? It should be super cool this time. But after 30 minutes of usage, you’ll feel the device becoming hot, it will definitely become hotter after an hour especially if you’re playing high graphics games. Have you been playing Pro Evolution Soccer for over an hour? it should be way too hot already.

What’s the importance of a cool mobile state?

Keeping the temperature of your device at a reasonable cool state is very important. Not only for you the user who should feel your fingers hurting at some point, but also for the device components feeling the heat as well.

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So how do I keep a mobile device super cool?

For the purpose of preventing too much unwanted heating of your device, you will want to follow the steps below carefully;

Cleaning the heat escape areas

Not all devices have this area but most devices do. Take a look at your device, turn it and look at the charging port then look either by the right or left side if it. You should see four or five tiny holes, great those holes help with the escape if heat from your mobile. Make sure you clean them always, never leave them blocked.

There might be dirt or other particles clinging around, blow and clean it carefully.

Provide Air

Are you using your phone in a room with fans? Is there an Air Conditioner? If No, That’s bad for the device’s temperature. To keep your lovely device super cool, you should blow it some air while you use it.

Do not block the heat escape areas

The position of your phone while it’s being used matters alot, your device cannot be cool if you’ve blocked the areas meant for the escape of heat. Use a phone case which is ideal for your phone and consider removing it while charging.

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