How to blur a video with KineMaster (Mobile)

Have you ever tried to blur a video with KineMaster on your mobile device? Were you able to do it? We’ll have to assume that you failed to do it, actually that’s why you’re here.

This article will focus on nothing else but teaching you all you need to know about Blurring a video with KineMaster. At the end of this piece of literature, you should know every necessary step needed to blur a video on this very interesting video editor.

Why use KineMaster to blur a video?

Many people go online looking for apps which can help them blur a video. Sadly, Apps which claim to be built specially for the purpose of blurring videos end up rendering poor services. Behold, a perfect solution to your problem, KineMaster, one of the best video editors on mobile.

KineMaster has maintained it’s position at the very top as one of the most amazing video editors on Mobile devices. While facing much competition from Cyberlink’s Power Director, improvement is all the developers think about. It has amazing features which can satisfy your video editing desires, blurring is just one of the available services on the App.

Why blur videos?

There are different reasons you might want to blur a video. Blurring is done most times with videos which has nude content, when it get a part a lady has to undress, the blur Option serves a purpose as the lady’s breast is blurred as well as other sensitive parts of the body.

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YouTubers are also known so much for blurring videos, this could be either to prevent a copyright strike or just to hide the original source of the video since i.e a football YouTube channel downloads a video from the Manchester United YouTube channel (video has Manchester United logo on it). This YouTuber can use the KineMaster App to blur the Manchester United logo so it won’t be seen by others when the video is uploaded to his own channel.

Steps to blur a video with KineMaster

For the purpose of Blurring videos with the very amazing mobile application, you will want to follow the steps below carefully:

  • Open your KineMaster Application
  • On the left side of the screen, click on the “+” sign to start a new project
  • Select the video aspect ratio
  • Click on media then select the video you want to blur
  • Come back to the work area and click on “layer”
  • Click on Effects (FX)
  • Select “Basic effects”
  • Select “Gaussian blur”

Dope! That’s it, your blur effect is applied to your video, you can adjust the size of the blur. You can make it bigger, smaller, you can adjust the width or the height. All depends on how you want it. You’re welcome.

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