How to Extract PPSSPP games to ISO files

How well do know How to Extract PPSSPP games to ISO?

Many gamers happen to be ignorant of How to Extract PPSSPP games to ISO. Is is however, it is a very easy process which could be followed by anyone willing to do so, all because of a single reason, ‘Its Simple’!

There are many times, when you spend a whole lot of time downloading a very large PPSSPP game, then BOOM! The game fails to work.

The PPSSPP Application is an Emulator of the Portable game console PlayStation Portable (PSP) made by SONY. The Application’s popularity is boosted more by the Android users, it is however, available on PC as well.

Is Downloading all it takes to play a PPSSPP game?

The steps in downloading a game for PPSSPP doesn’t end immediately after the file is downloaded, this is because most sites offer these games in different formats like RAR, ZIP, 7Z e.t.c Guess what, PPSSPP doesn’t support these formats, it only supports ISO.

Extraction is a process which makes it possible for file’s format to be changed, so this process becomes important since it is necessary to change the format of any downloaded PPSSPP game to ISO before it can be played on the App.

Extraction process (How to Extract PPSSPP games to ISO)

What App helps to extract?

Extraction can be done with different Apps on mobile but ZArchiver is highly recommended in this case as it has been used by many and reported positively. The App can be downloaded from the Google Play store or 9Apps. After extraction, the size of the file normally becomes bigger as it turns into an ISO File.

Steps to Extract a PPSSPP game

Carefully follow the steps below to extract your file to ISO.

NOTE: keeping your screen turned on throughout the extraction is very important as it helps in avoiding “Extraction with errors”

  • Open your ZArchiver App if already Installed
  • Go to the location of your downloaded game file
  • Click on the file
  • Click on “Extract Here”
  • Tick the box ‘Keep screen turned on’

Your Extraction time depends on the size of your file, a smaller file takes lesser time, while a bigger file does the opposite.

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