How to turn off active status on Facebook

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How to turn off active status on Facebook

Of course you can make yourself unnoticed while using Facebook. It’s very simple and we will be showing you just how to it. We will be considering How to turn off active status on Facebook.

Different social media Applications give you an opportunity to hide yourself. Hiding yourself involves making it impossible for others to see when last you were active. You want to know how this is done? Cool! This article is aimed at answering the question about ‘turning off active status on Facebook’.

Just like it’s done on Instagram, you can hide your active status on Facebook as well. It’s simple and interesting, at the end of this article, you should know exactly how it’s done.

Know this

Turning off your active status doesn’t prevent you from using Facebook. It only permits you to use the Platform without being noticed by anyone, it’s like Using Facebook in Incognito mode.

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Why turn off active status?

Of course there are alot of reasons one can give for doing so. Most times, we don’t really want to chat with friends online, one might just come to look at posts, watch videos, admire pictures and log out again.

Sometimes, we are truly hiding from someone, there might be a friend you don’t want him/her to know about your presence online. Hiding yourself becomes an ideal choice, since it permits you to use the internet without being noticed.

How to turn off active status on Facebook.

Just as some might have thought, it’s simple. You can make yourself invincible on Facebook with the following steps:

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While already logged in to your Facebook account, Click on the menu. It’s normally by the top right while using lite.

Scroll down and click on Settings. When a new page opens, scroll down again. Under privacy, click on ‘Active status’ Then click on the blue icon to turn off your chat.

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