How to use wireless charging on your phone

Wireless charging

Wireless charging

In case you’re wondering about How to use wireless charging on your phone, you’ve got your eyes on the right piece. In this article, We exactly explain what Qi wireless charging is, as well as how to add this amazing feature to a smartphone which is unsupported.

While ‘charging wirelessly’ as a term is thrown around by many manufacturers and publications alike, this can mean different things to different individuals.

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When many phone users refer to charging which is wireless, inductive charging is indeed what they’re actually referring to. That’s because this is similar to the technology used by the Apple Watch. The Wireless Power Consortium is actually responsible for the development of Qi standard specially for inductive electrical power transfer over distances of up to 4cm.

After knowing what Qi charging is really all about, how do you use it with your desired smartphone?

How to use wireless charging on your phone

A Qi charging pad is all you need to purchase if at all your device is compatible with Qi charging. Price depends on the brand you have in mind.

With the compatible Qi charging pad available, go ahead to plug it in and place your phone on top of it. As simple as it is, your device should start charging as far as you’ve got a Qi-enabled phone.

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