Vivo X60 release date, price, design & specs

Vivo X60 release date, price, design & specs

Many phone users are curious about the Vivo X60, which is yet to be made available for purchases, questions arise in different ways; How does the device look? What’s the price? Battery e.t.c. This article focuses on answering such questions, that’s why we are considering Vivo X60 release date, price, design & specs.

In July 2020, Vivo X50 Series was released and the X60 looks ready to go this year.

Is the device already in use?

While the rest of the world waits for the unveiling of the Vivo X60, China already have it in use since it was released last year in December.

Following the talks with Vivo, the X60 series looks to have it’s release day by the corner, in the European countries. However, the global release date is yet to be confirmed.

With the news heard so far, there might be little differences in the specs when the phone, is released globally.

When is the Vivo X60 release date?

This series was actually launched sometime in December 2020, the same month it was released in China. However, it is not known when the device will make it out of China. (Vivo X60 release date is not known yet).

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What’s the RAM?

Many mobile users always wish to know about, a devices RAM before anymore of it. And that’s what we give to you, the X60 series is packed with an 8GB RAM. Big enough to carry out strenuous operations. If it was a PC, working with powerful Softwares like Sony Vegas Pro & Adobe After Effects wouldn’t be a problem.

The Device is also made with 128/256GB storage space, large enough for your files but can still be extended with an SD card.


Photo maniacs are good to go (forgive the language). It’s made with a reasonable camera which could put a smile on anyone’s face. 48Mp, f/1.8, IMX598 main camera with gimbal stabilisation. 13Mp 2x portrait, 13Mp ultrawide, 32Mp punch-hole selfie.

Battery and Charging

Unlike Xiaomi Mi 11 which is made to have a battery capacity of 4600mAh, Vivo X60 has a 4300mAh cell, good enough to make a 24 hour run. Also made with 33W wired charging.

There’s actually 5G Network available and its Android 11 & OriginOS.

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