Betking Registration. How to create a Betking Account

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Betking Registration. How to create a Betking Account

Want so bad to create an account with this very betting company but you’re having a hard time? While alot of users experience difficulties while trying this out, it is totally simple and interesting to do. Read on as we teach you How to create a Betking Account with some few clicks.

Sure it’s good news for you as, this article will concentrate solemnly on giving you every information you need as you try to create a Betking account. At the end of this piece of literature, you should be able to go through the process with ease.

Why create a Betking Account if there are shops available?

Simple, it makes everything more convenient. You can stay home and place a bet while sipping a cup of coffee. No more walking around in the hot sun just to place a bet then make a return.

Payment is prompt and safe. While efforts are made to pay your won bets in the shops nearby, it’s never as quick as it’s done right in your account. And the chances of being robbed while having the cash in hand are not in existence at all. You stay home and stake, you stay home and win.

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What is required for creating a Betking Account?

Nothing much actually, you just need to have a device with internet connection. Could be your Mobile or PC, it’s all good.

You need to have a functional email. An email you still remember it’s details (the password in particular). This is because verifying a Bet9ja Account after registration requires logging in.

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How to create a Betking Account

On your preferred device with internet connection, visit

On the top left side of your screen, click on ‘Register’ and a new page will be opened.

You’ll have to fill all the necessary information which will include; Your preferred username, password and name.

Next, you’ll provide information about your state of residence, your phone number, email and date of birth. Then tick the age confirmation box.

Finally, click on ‘Proceed’

You will now have to choose a username, set a password of your choice, give information about your state and provide your phone number.

Finally, you’ll click on ‘Create my Account’

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