How to insert a table in Microsoft word easily

How to insert a table in Microsoft word easily

While the simplicity of Inserting tables in Microsoft word will be extremely impressive for someone else, it’s not always the same for all of us. To day BenosTech aims at showing you How to insert a table in Microsoft word easily.

After going through this very piece of writing, you should have reasonable information about tables are used in this office program. And you should be able to do it easily as said in the title.

Microsoft Word

Being released on October 23, 1983, Microsoft word has become one of the most popular word processors in the word. Being very popular, it is the most used in the whole of Nigeria.

It makes it possible to process, format, manipulate, save, print, and share a text-based document easily without involving any other softwares.

It is used for the creation of different business and office documents. Print works which will involve Resumes, letters and many others. Summary is, Microsoft word can be used for business or personal purposes.

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Using Tables in MS Word

Table works in Microsoft word involves rows and columns, just like an Excel sheet. It could be a work of students records or a time table. However, doing this will be impossible if you don’t know How to insert a table in Microsoft word. So, learn how to do it below.

How to insert a table in Microsoft word easily.

While already in the MS Word environment, click on ‘Insert’ then a number of options will pop up for you.

Click on ‘Table’ and a new page opens again.

Here, you will select the number of columns and rows you want (depends on what you’re working on). Then go on to click on ‘Ok’ or hit enter on your keyboard.

And that’s it, the table is inserted in your work.

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